Review Article

Trans-arterial embolisation (TAE) in haemorrhagic pelvic injury: review of management and mid-term outcome of a major trauma centre

Amir Awwad, Permesh Singh Dhillon, Greg Ramjas, Said B. Habib and Waleed Al-Obaydi


Case Report

Radiofrequency wire ‘power wire’ recanalization of calcified chronically occluded inferior vena cava

Abhijit Salaskar, Michael Ferra, Harish Narayanan, Rishi Sood, Daniel Scher, Albert Chun, Anthony Venbrux and Shawn Sarin


Case Report

Uterine artery pseudoaneurysm requiring embolization in pregnancy: a case report and review of the literature 

Lilian Ugwumadu, Kevin Hayes, Anna-Maria Belli, Susan Heenan and Ian Loftus 


Case Report

A rare case of a giant arterio-venous fistula (AVF) following metastatic choriocarcinoma conditioning pulmonary embolism: multimodal transcatheter embolization using a simultaneous transarterial and transvenous approach

Massimo Venturini, Alice Bergamini, Anna Colarieti, Micaela Petrone, Paolo Marra, Emanuela Rabaiotti, Giorgia Mangili, Massimo Candiani, Alessandro Del Maschio and Francesco De Cobelli


Original Article

Infrainguinal inflow assessment and endovenous stent placement in iliofemoral post-thrombotic obstructions

Ole Grøtta, Tone Enden, Gunnar Sandbæk, Gard Filip Gjerdalen, Carl-Erik Slagsvold, Dag Bay, Nils-Einar Kløw and Antonio Rosales


Original Article

Prophylactic IVC filter placement in bariatric surgery patients: results from a prospective filter registry

Alexander Y. Sheu, Nam Sao Hoang, Andrew J. Kesselman, Tie Liang, Jarrett K. Rosenberg and William T. Kuo


Case Report

Type III B endoleak leading to aortic rupture after endovascular repair: analysis of errors in follow up and treatment

Marco Leopardi, Alessia Salerno, Pietro Scarpelli and Marco Ventura


Short Communication

Percutaneous dialysis arteriovenous fistula banding for flow reduction – a case series

Hong Kuan Kok, Julian Maingard, Hamed Asadi, Elizabeth Ryan, Mark Sheehan, Mark F. Given and Michael J. Lee


Case Report

Dual-balloon assisted super-selective embolisation of high flow arterial venous fistula within a transplant kidney
Sara ffrench-Constant, Nisal Weerakoon, Rahul Amin, Luke Dixon, David Taube and Mohamad Hamady


Case Report

Autologous sapheno-saphenous bypass collateral development in the setting of chronic unilateral iliac vein occlusion
Julie Kelman, Nicholas Xiao, Jeremy D. Collins, Jennifer K. Karp, Heron Rodriguez and Kush R. Desai


Short Communication

Trends and implications of 24/7 interventional radiology in a newly opened acute hospital
Raymond Chung, Ashish Chawla, Sumer Shikhare and Suresh Babu


Original Article

Combined glue embolization and excision for the treatment of venous malformations

Rush H. Chewning, Eric J. Monroe, Antoinette Lindberg, Kevin S. H. Koo, Basavaraj V. Ghodke, Kenneth W. Gow, Patrick J. Javid, Thomas M. Jinguji, Jonathan A. Perkins and Giridhar M. Shivaram


Case Report

Successful treatment of hemoptysis caused by a type 2 endoleak after thoracic endovascular aortic repair

Eijun Sueyoshi, Hirofumi Koike, Ichiro Sakamoto and Masataka Uetani


New Technologies
Balloon-assisted coil embolization (BACE) of a wide-necked renal artery aneurysm using the intracranial scepter C compliant occlusion balloon catheter

Jeeban Paul Das, Hamed Asadi, Hong Kuan Kok, Emma Phelan, Alan O’Hare and Michael J. Lee


Case Report
Preliminary experience with the micro vascular plug for the treatment of pulmonary arteriovenous malformation: case series of four patients

Stevo Duvnjak, Carmela Anna Di Ciesco and Poul Erik Andersen