Correction to: Percutaneous retrieval of migrated Viabahn stent from a segmental pulmonary artery
R. C. Zvavanjanja


Case Report
Retrograde insertion of the outback reentry device from a tibial artery for complex infrainguinal recanalization
Lorenzo Patrone and Ondrej Stehno


Original Article
MVP (Micro Vascular Plug®) embolization of severe renal hemorrhages after nephrostomic tube placement
Francesco Giurazza, Fabio Corvino, Errico Cavaglià, Mattia Silvestre, Gianluca Cangiano, Francesco Amodio, Giuseppe De Magistris and Raffaella Niola


Original Article
Awareness and knowledge of interventional radiology among medical students at an Indian institution
Deepsha Agrawal, Michael Alan Renfrew, Sulove Singhal and Yash Bhansali



Correction to: Radiofrequency wire ‘power wire’ recanalization of calcified chronically occluded inferior vena cava

Abhijit Salaskar, Michael Ferra, Harish Narayanan, Rishi Sood, Daniel Scher, Albert Chun, Anthony Venbrux and Shawn Sarin