Correction to: Mycotic aortic aneurysms post-Intravesical BCG treatment for early-stage bladder carcinoma
Aman Wadhwani, Randy D. Moore, Darshan Bakshi and Anirudh Mirakhur


Case Report
Treatment of an external iliac artery chronic total occlusion using alternate access sites
Justin Ratcliffe, Mike Gorenchtein, Pankaj Khullar, Abel Casso Dominguez, Mohan Satish, Philip Green and Joseph Puma



The Challenges of New Endovascular Technologies
Jim A. Reekers


Short Communication

Outcomes of patients with continuous flow left ventricular assist device undergoing emergency endovascular treatment for atraumatic bleeding

Valentina Bernardinello, Giulio Barbiero, Michele Battistel, Caterina Dengo, Roberto Stramare, Giulio Folino, Jonida Bejko, Massimiliano Carrozzini, Vincenzo Tarzia, Gino Gerosa and Tomaso Bottio


Case Report

Endovascular treatment of hepatic arterioportal fistula complicated with giant portal vein aneurysm via percutaneous transhepatic US guided hepatic artery access: a case report and review of the literature
Umut Oguslu, Sadik Ahmet Uyanik and Burçak Gümüş



Not so NICE guidelines for patients with aortic aneurysms
Ian Loftus


Short Communication

The CLEAR (Considering Leading Experts’ Antithrombotic Regimes around peripheral angioplasty) survey: an international perspective on antiplatelet and anticoagulant practice for peripheral arterial endovascular intervention

Kitty H. F. Wong, Dave C. Bosanquet, Graeme K. Ambler, Mahim I. Qureshi, Robert J. Hinchliffe and Christopher P. Twine


Original Article
Impact of uterine contractility on quality of life of women undergoing uterine fibroid embolization
Vinicius Adami Vayego Fornazari, Gloria Maria Martinez Salazar, Stela Adami Vayego, Thiago Franchi Nunes, Belarmino Goncalves, Jacob Szejnfeld, Claudio Emilio Bonduki, Suzan Menasce Goldman and Denis Szejnfeld


Original Article
Use of a steerable microcatheter during superselective angiography: impact on radiation exposure and procedural efficiency

Jason C. Hoffmann, Jonathan Minkin, Nicholas Primiano, Jung Yun and Abieyuwa Eweka


Original Article
Technical approach and outcomes of failed infrarenal endovascular aneurysm repairs rescued with fenestrated and branched endografts

Jesse Manunga, Larissa I. Stanberry, Peter Alden, Jason Alexander, Nedaa Skeik, Elliot Stephenson, Jessica Titus, Joseph Karam, Xiaoyi Teng and Timothy Sullivan


Original Article
Efficacy and hepatic complications of three endovascular treatment approaches for delayed postpancreatectomy hemorrhage: evolution over 15 years

Yu-Chien Chang, Kao-Lang Liu, Yu-Cheng Huang, Po-Ting Chen, Yu-Wen Tien, Yen-Heng Lin and Yeun-Chung Chang


Case Report
Efficacy of three-dimensional roadmapping by fusion of computed tomography angiography with volumetric data from an angiography machine in endovascular therapy for iliac chronic total occlusion: a case report
Naoki Hayakawa, Satoshi Kodera, Noriyoshi Ohki and Junji Kanda


Case Report
Case report: direct revascularization in acute mesenteric ischemia by an endovascular approach
P. Genzel, L. C. van Dijk, H. T. C. Veger, J. J. Wever, R. G. S. van Eps, R. M. E. Slangen and H. van Overhagen


Case Report

Endovascular management of life threatening bleeding from a radiation induced internal iliac artery branch pseudoaneurysm

Abhijit Salaskar, Philip Blumenfeld, Joseph Calandra and Michael Hamblin


Review Article
Prolonged versus brief balloon inflation during arterial angioplasty for de novo atherosclerotic disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Mark Rockley, Prasad Jetty, Aleksandar Radonjic, Kathleen Rockley, George Wells and Dean Fergusson