CVIR Endovascular Year in Review: 2022

Looking back on this year so far, we are thankful for all the exciting updates and successes this year has brought. The Author Spotlight series premiered, our blog was introduced, the Reviewer Forum has grown to more than 50 members and we have of course published many interesting, innovative, and informative articles that can help interventionists in their daily practice.


CVIR Endovascular aims to offer a podium for discussion among authors, readers, reviewers in the IR community worldwide, from students to experts in the field. We look forward to continuing this mission into next year and thank you all for your continued support and contributions to the journal’s success.


All papers that were published this year were of high quality and clinical value, and it is extremely difficult to pick a sample to highlight. Prof. Reekers was given the difficult task of selecting ten articles to showcase this year and we hope you enjoy reading them!

Editor's Picks 2022

New Technologies

Long loop technique with bifemoral access as salvage technique for repositioning of dislodged port catheters
Vincent Van den Bosch, Frédéric De Beukelaer, Peter Isfort, Sebastian Keil, Christiane K. Kuhl, Philipp Bruners & Federico Pedersoli


Original article

Prostatic artery embolization using reflux-control microcatheter: prospective experience addressing feasibility
André Moreira de Assis, Willian Yoshinori Kawakami, Airton Mota Moreira & Francisco Cesar Carnevale


Original article

Sustainability in interventional radiology: are we doing enough to save the environment?

Pey Ling Shum, Hong Kuan Kok, Julian Maingard, Kevin Zhou, Vivienne Van Damme, Christen D. Barras, Lee-Anne Slater, Winston Chong, Ronil V. Chandra, Ashu Jhamb, Mark Brooks & Hamed Asadi


Case report

Management of chyluria using percutaneous thoracic duct stenting
Nguyen Ngoc Cuong, Le Tuan Linh, Thieu Thi Tra My, Tran Quoc Hoa, Hoang Long, Le Hoan & Masanori Inoue


Original article

Impact of site of occlusion in proximal splenic artery embolisation for blunt splenic trauma
A. Boscà-Ramon, L. Ratnam, T. Cavenagh, J-Y Chun, R. Morgan, M. Gonsalves, R. Das, S. Ameli-Renani, V. Pavlidis, B. Hawthorn, N. Ntagiantas & L. Mailli


New technologies

Cone-Beam CT-assisted navigation for endovascular treatment of erection-related artery stenosis in patients with erectile dysfunction
Alexander Rosenov, Nando Mertineit, Iris Baumgartner & Marc Schindewolf


Case report

Percutaneous creation of direct intrahepatic portosystemic shunts – an alternative for failed TIPS creation

Karim Mostafa, Jens Trentmann, Julian Andersson, Rainer Günther, Felix Braun & Philipp Jost Schäfer


Watch the Author Spotlight video with Dr. Mostafa about this article!


Original article

Patient radiation dose during angiography and embolization for abdominal hemorrhage: the influence of CT angiography, fluoroscopy system, patient and procedural variables
Conor McCaughey, Gerard M. Healy, Hanin Al Balushi, Patrice Maher, Jackie McCavana, Julie Lucey & Colin P. Cantwell


Original article

Safety and efficacy of emergency transarterial embolization for mesenteric bleeding
Chloé Extrat, Sylvain Grange, Clément Chevalier, Nicolas Williet, Jean-Marc Phelip, Fabrice-Guy Barral, Bertrand Le Roy & Rémi Grange


Author Spotlight Highlights

Our Author Spotlight series premiered at the start of 2022 and we would like to thank all authors who participated! Below is a selection of videos from throughout the year but be sure to check out all the videos on our subpage.

Blog Posts

Speaking of Endovascular Interventions, the CVIR Endovascular blog, also premiered this year and we have highlighted the following blog posts. Go to our blog page to read them all and keep an eye out for more blog posts in 2023!

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