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CVIR Endovascular is the multidisciplinary open access journal of

the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE). It is the first open peer-reviewed journal in the field of endovascular interventions and is intended for all specialists working in the field of endovascular treatment.




Original Article

Carotid artery stenting in a single center, single operator, single type of device and 15 years of follow-up

Victoria Mayoral Campos, José Andrés Guirola Órtiz, Carlos Tejero Juste, María José Gimeno Peribáñez, Carolina Serrano, Cristina Pérez Lázaro, Ignacio de Blas Giral and Miguel Ángel de Gregorio Ariza


Original Article

Incidental extravascular findings in CT angiograms in patients post endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: clinical relevance and frequency

Permesh Singh Dhillon, Mohammad Waleed Butt, Graham Pollock, James Kirk, Peter Bungay, Mario De Nunzio and Peter Thurley


Case Report

Percutaneous retrieval of migrated Viabahn stent from a segmental pulmonary artery 

R. C. Zvavanjanja


Original Article

Image guided sclerotherapy for the treatment of venous malformations

Johnathon Gorman, Steven J. Zbarsky, Rebecca J. M. Courtemanche, Jugpal S. Arneja, Manraj K. S. Heran and Douglas J. Courtemanche


Original Article

Clinical and endovascular practice in interventional radiology: a contemporary European analysis

Hong Kuan Kok, Thomas Rodt, Fabrizio Fanelli, Mohamad Hamady, Stefan Müller-Hülsbeck, Miquel Casares Santiago, Florian Wolf and Michael J. Lee


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