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CVIR Endovascular is the multidisciplinary open access journal of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE).

It is the first open peer-reviewed journal in the field of endovascular interventions and is intended for all specialists working in the field of endovascular treatment.


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No CLEARity about antithrombotic around endovascular treatment


Antithrombotic regimes around peripheral vascular interventions are currently mostly based on individual beliefs and some secondary data from studies with different endpoints. The problem is that antithrombotic regimes have several goals to meet; to prevent acute thrombotic complications, to prevent intimal hyperplasia to obtain better TLR, and to achieve secondary risk prevention for vascular disease in general. The latter is scientifically proven in large studies. The use of some sort of antithrombotic treatment is not disputed, but there is no uniformity and no scientific guidelines in peripheral arterial interventions. The CLEAR survey by Christopher Twine et al. is a call to start a large study to solve this problem.


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We are pleased to announce that CVIR Endovascular is now indexed in PubMed Central (PMC). A testament to the journal’s quality and value within the endovascular IR field, this announcement reflects well on the journal’s editors, reviewers and authors. Now that the journal is indexed in PMC, CVIR Endovascular will reach more IRs than ever.


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