CVIR Endovascular


CVIR Endovascular is the multidisciplinary open access journal of

the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE)

and the first open peer-reviewed journal in the field of endovascular interventions.

The journal is intended for all specialists working in the field of endovascular treatment.



CVIR Endovascular launch

The journal was officially launched on 16th September. We look forward to your submissions.

What is Open Access?


CVIR Endovascular is an online open access journal. It gives your research the opportunity to reach more audience! A published paper is freely available for everyone, immediately after publication.

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What is Open Peer-Review?


Open peer-review is a more transparent way of publishing scientific papers. CVIR Endovascular believes it is a way to bring scientific discussions to a higher and more transparent level. Click here to find out why CVIR Endovascular chose open peer-review.

Submit with CVIR Endovascular


The CVIR Endovascular submission website now live!


CVIR Endovascular was created as a platform to publish papers focused on endovascular treatment and to keep the endovascular community updated through a continuous stream of publications.