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with Social Media Editor Sara Lojo

Dr. Sara Lojo is passionate about interventional radiology and has been involved in the editorial board of many publications since her training. She considers editorialism to be a fundamental tool for training, encouraging its development and bringing it closer to the new generations of IR professionals.


In this Quarterly Update, she will highlight key issues in IR and accompanying CVIR Endovascular articles on the topic.


Quarterly Update #1: Infertility

According to a report published by the WHO last April, infertility affects one in six adults worldwide. Infertility spares no one: all rich, poor and middle-income countries are affected. It occurs for both male and female causes: approximately one-third have female etiology, another third have male etiology, and up to one-third have unknown etiology.

Up to 40% of female infertility is considered to be due to problems located in the fallopian tubes and up to 25% to tubal obstruction. Within the etiology of male infertility, varicocele is among the most frequent treatable causes of male infertility and its resolution is beneficial in improving semen parameters and pregnancy rate when patients are properly selected. In addition, interventional radiology also provides treatments for venous and arterial erectile dysfunction.

Interventional radiology advances relentlessly and so do our techniques, with infertility being no exception. Below we leave you related articles, published in CVIR Endovascular, as well as an overview of the special section on women’s health, published in the CIRSE Insider.

CIRSE Insider

CVIR Endovascular: Women’s health in the spotlight


In an effort to raise the profile of women’s health, CVIR Endovascular Editor-in-Chief Prof. Jim Reekers invited Dr. Elika Kashef and Dr. Maria Tsitskari, two esteemed editorial board members, to guest edit the journal’s special issue dedicated to this important topic.


Uterine artery embolisation: fertility, adenomyosis and size – what is the evidence?


Leto Mailli, Shyamal Patel, Raj Das, Joo Young Chun, Seyed Renani, Sourav Das and Lakshmi Ratnam

Unnecessary hysterectomies and our role as interventional radiology community


Gregory C. Makris, Saqib Butt and Tarun Sabharwal

Uterine artery embolization in Tanzania: a procedure with major public health implications


Balowa Musa, Jared Mark Alswang, Rose Di Ioia, Lydia Grubic, Azza Naif, Erick Michael Mbuguje, Victoria Vuong, Janice Newsome, Behnam Shaygi, Vijay Ramalingam and Fabian Max Laage Gaupp

Prostate artery embolization: increasing self-referrals and awareness of treatment options


Himanshu Sharma, Samuel Z. Maron, Ardeshir R. Rastinehad & Aaron M. Fischman

Prostatic artery embolization in men with severe hemophilia a: a case report of two patients


Petra Svarc, Peter Kampmann, Lars Lönn & Martin Andreas Røder

Advanced image guidance for prostatic artery embolization – a multicenter technical note

Francisco Cesar Carnevale, Timothy McClure, Farah Cadour, Vincent Vidal, André Moreira de Assis, Airton Mota Moreira, Arthur Diego Dias Rocha, Aya Rebet & Charles Nutting

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