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Transcaval approach for embolization of type II Endoleak following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair

Eddie Hyatt, Joseph N. McLaughlin, Hriday Shah and Sanjeeva P. Kalva


Original Article

Randomised trial of two embolic agents for uterine artery embolisation for fibroids: Gelfoam versus Embospheres (RAGE trial)

R. Yadavali, G. Ananthakrishnan, M. Sim, K. Monaghan, G. McNaught, I. Hamoodi, F. Bryden, S. Lassman and J. G. Moss


Case Report

Trans biliary proximal and distal coil embolization of an arteriobiliary fistula: report of a case and review of literature

Faris Galambo and Majid Maybody 


Case Report

Endovascular management of unruptured intercostal artery aneurysms

Andrew Fenwick, Patrick Omotoso and Darren Ferguson  


Case Report
Multi loop snare technique for difficult inferior vena cava filter retrievals
Arash Najafi, Katerina Koulia, Philippe Aubert and Christoph A. Binkert


Case Report

Bladder wall and surrounding tissue necrosis following bilateral superselective embolization of internal iliac artery branches due to uncontrollable haematuria related to bladder tumor: case report

Andrey Tarkhanov, Gabriel Bartal, Sergey Druzhin, Rafael Shakhbazyan, Evgenii Grebenev and Maxim Kartashov


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Catheter-directed thrombolysis versus percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy in the management of acute limb ischemia: a single center review

Ravi Kumar Muli Jogi, Karthikeyan Damodharan, Hing Lun leong, Allison Chek Swee Tan, Sivanathan Chandramohan, Nanda Kumar Karaddi Venkatanarasimha, Farah Gillan Irani, Ankur Patel, Apoorva Gogna, Kiang Hiong Tay and Thijs August Johan Urlings


Case Report
Replaced gastroduodenal artery with continuation as accessory left hepatic artery: a rare anatomical variant
Jesse Chen, Amit Ramjit and Noor Ahmad


Review Article

Trans-arterial embolisation (TAE) in haemorrhagic pelvic injury: review of management and mid-term outcome of a major trauma centre

Amir Awwad, Permesh Singh Dhillon, Greg Ramjas, Said B. Habib and Waleed Al-Obaydi


Case Report

Radiofrequency wire ‘power wire’ recanalization of calcified chronically occluded inferior vena cava

Abhijit Salaskar, Michael Ferra, Harish Narayanan, Rishi Sood, Daniel Scher, Albert Chun, Anthony Venbrux and Shawn Sarin


Case Report

Uterine artery pseudoaneurysm requiring embolization in pregnancy: a case report and review of the literature 

Lilian Ugwumadu, Kevin Hayes, Anna-Maria Belli, Susan Heenan and Ian Loftus 


Case Report

A rare case of a giant arterio-venous fistula (AVF) following metastatic choriocarcinoma conditioning pulmonary embolism: multimodal transcatheter embolization using a simultaneous transarterial and transvenous approach

Massimo Venturini, Alice Bergamini, Anna Colarieti, Micaela Petrone, Paolo Marra, Emanuela Rabaiotti, Giorgia Mangili, Massimo Candiani, Alessandro Del Maschio and Francesco De Cobelli


Original Article

Infrainguinal inflow assessment and endovenous stent placement in iliofemoral post-thrombotic obstructions

Ole Grøtta, Tone Enden, Gunnar Sandbæk, Gard Filip Gjerdalen, Carl-Erik Slagsvold, Dag Bay, Nils-Einar Kløw and Antonio Rosales


Original Article

Prophylactic IVC filter placement in bariatric surgery patients: results from a prospective filter registry

Alexander Y. Sheu, Nam Sao Hoang, Andrew J. Kesselman, Tie Liang, Jarrett K. Rosenberg and William T. Kuo