Case Report
Case report: direct revascularization in acute mesenteric ischemia by an endovascular approach
P. Genzel, L. C. van Dijk, H. T. C. Veger, J. J. Wever, R. G. S. van Eps, R. M. E. Slangen and H. van Overhagen


Case Report

Endovascular management of life threatening bleeding from a radiation induced internal iliac artery branch pseudoaneurysm

Abhijit Salaskar, Philip Blumenfeld, Joseph Calandra and Michael Hamblin


Review Article
Prolonged versus brief balloon inflation during arterial angioplasty for de novo atherosclerotic disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Mark Rockley, Prasad Jetty, Aleksandar Radonjic, Kathleen Rockley, George Wells and Dean Fergusson


Case Report
Treatment of superior vena cava syndrome using AngioJet™ thrombectomy system
Amit Ramjit, Jesse Chen, Marcus Konner, Elliot Landau and Noor Ahmad


Case Report
Endovascular embolization of canine hepatic arteriovenous malformations using precipitating hydrophobic injectable liquid (PHIL) liquid embolic agent: a proof of concept study

Stewart D. Ryan, Anjali Nambiar, Julian Maingard, Hong Kuan Kok, Robert B. S. Turner, Duncan Mark Brooks and Hamed Asadi


Study Protocol
PROMISE international; a clinical post marketing trial investigating the percutaneous deep vein arterialization (LimFlow) in the treatment of no-option chronic limb ischemia patient

Michiel A. Schreve, Michael Lichtenberg, Çagdas Ünlü, Daniela Branzan, Andrej Schmidt, Daniel A. F. van den Heuvel, Erwin Blessing, Marianne Brodmann, Vincent Cabane, William Tan Qing Lin and Steven Kum


Letter to the Editor

Zilver PTX RCT mortality analysis: no difference in long-term mortality rate for Zilver PTX drug-eluting stent compared to PTA/BMS

Michael D. Dake, Gary M. Ansel & Aaron E. Lottes


Original Article
Post paracentesis deep circumflex iliac artery injury identified at angiography, an underreported complication

Jalil Kalantari, Mark H. Nashed and Jason C. Smith


Original Article

Alternative crossing technique for iliaco-femoro-popliteal CTOs with a catheter onlyMarc Cunier, Arash Najafi, Gabriel Marc Cunier, Arash Najafi, Gabriel T. Sheikh and Christoph A. Binkert


New Technologies

Early outcomes using dedicated venous stents in the upper limb of patients with venous thoracic outlet syndrome: A singe centre experience

Saissan Rajendran, Tommy Y. Cai, Jacky Loa, Prakash Saha and Steven Dubenec