Peer reviewers

 CVIR Endovascular is growing very fast, becoming a major journal in the field of vascular IR; therefore we are expanding our team of expert peer reviewers. We offer the opportunity for IRs to become new reviewers for the journal.


CVIR Endovascular is especially interested in reviewers who have expertise and interest in the following fields: neurointerventions, gastrointestinal interventional radiology, pulmonary embolism, embolisation and endovascular interventions.  

If you would like to become a reviewer for our journal, please send us your CV and state your area of expertise at


Instructions for reviewers of CVIR Endovascular

Click here to download and read the instructions for reviewers compiled by the Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Jim A. Reekers.

Why review?

What are the benefits to the reviewer?

  • Reviewing is used as a measure of academic esteem by universities - it is an honour, a reflection of your success and professional reputation
  • Improve own writing skills
  • Accept the compliment and be proud of your accomplishments - your opinion is sought after!
  • Thrill of shaping the published literature - you are contributing to what people will read
  • Reading cutting edge research
  • Acquire new skill set of critical appraisal
  • Enhance understanding of good science
  • Enhance understanding of research ethics and publication ethics
  • Additional dot point on your CV
  • Altruistic for the greater benefit of medical science

Webinar: how to review for CVIR Endovascular

Prof. Reekers has prepared a webinar with useful tips to help you deliver great review comments for CVIR Endovascular. Watch it today!

Webinar made in 2021

Further reading

Have a look at a presentation by Prof. Reekers on scientific publishing and peer-reviewing for the journal. The presentation was given at a virtual meet & greet with the Editor-in-Chief on the occasion of the CIRSE 2020 Summit.


Presentation on scientific publishing and peer-review by Prof. Jim A. Reekers
Meet and Greet Presentation 2020.pdf
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