CVIR Endovascular at ET 2024

On the occasion of the ET 2024 Conference, CVIR Endovascular is offering a two-part workshop to educate participants on various aspects of ethical publishing and on critical appraisal when reading articles and looking for papers to support their research.


CVIR Endovascular workshop

Prof. Reekers will offer two sessions as part of this workshop: the first will be on ethical publishing and the second on critical appraisal.


The workshop sessions will be held on June 2 + 3, each from 9:30-10:00.

Topic 1: Critical appraisal

  • How do you know if a paper is biased?
  • How do you assess a paper's validity?
  • How do you distinguish evidence from opinions?


Join us on June 2, 2024 to answer these questions and more in the session on critical appraisal! This interesting look at how to assess a paper's findings will not only be of value to authors when looking for relevant articles for their work and when writing their own articles, but will also support reviewers in their role by offering practical tips for assessment.

Topic 2: Ethical publishing

  • Feeling lost among reporting guidelines?
  • How do you decide on author order or inclusion?
  • How do you avoid predatory publishers?


The second part of this workshop on June 3 will highlight these tricky questions that crop up in everyday research. Prof. Reekers will outline various reporting guidelines and demonstrate how to use them to your advantage when planning or reporting on a study. He will also delve into the world of authorship, which is not always easy to navigate, especially for young researchers. Furthermore, he will cover preprints and help you avoid predatory publishers. 


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