Thank you for stopping by the journal's booth at ET 2019


Thank you for all interested authors and reviewers that stopped by the booth at ET 2019 for a chat with Prof. Reekers, Editor-in-Chief.


We look forward to seeing you in September at CIRSE 2019!

We will keep you informed about the journal related events/activities in Barcelona.



Consent to publish and ethical compliance
Please note that all Case Reports are presenting individual patient data and therefore need to have the patient's consent to publish included. Read more on editorial policies here


Reduced price for open access charges

CVIR Endovascular reduced the prices for all authors who submit to the journal and get their papers accepted for publishing. As of now on, article processing charges will be only €1,060/£990/$1,390 (plus VAT or local taxes where applicable).


New webinar on how to review by Prof. Jim Reekers

Peer review is a good opportunity for early career researchers to play a role in the research community and gain valuable experience to help improve your own research writing. If you would like to get involved in peer review and are looking for tips on how to deliver a great review for CVIR Endovascular, we invite you to watch the new webinar produced by Prof. Jim Reekers, Editor-in-Chief.


Call for papers: review articles

Would you like to report on a specialized topic of your interest addressing a specific question through a systematic assessment of research relevant to field of endovascular treatment and procedures? If you need funding for your open access fee, contact Prof. Jim Reekers with your proposal at and ask for a waiver!


Direct transfer of good papers from CVIR to CVIR Endovascular!

Good papers, and especially Case Reports submitted to CVIR and not accepted due to CVIR's limited page budget will be automatically transferred to CVIR Endovascular for consideration. CVIR Endovascular is an online only journal and has no space limit.


We cought up with some authors of CVIR Endovascular on publishing in CIRSE's new journal

The interviews were originally published in the CIRSE 2018 Congress News