Special issue on sustainability in IR

Modern medicine is an important source of waste which contributes to the environmental issues we are facing today: climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion. Sustainability should therefore be an important issue for everybody working in IR.


With this special issue CVIR Endovascular hopes to create awareness about how we can all contribute to solve this problem.


We want to hear from you, tell us about your plans to contribute to sustainability in IR for a chance to be featured on the CVIR Endovascular blog.



Implementation of lasting changes to sustainability in Interventional Radiology is a top-down governance challenge
Warren Clements

Original Article

Sustainability within interventional radiology: opportunities and hurdles
Anouk de Reeder, Pim Hendriks, Helena Plug - van der Plas, Dirk Zweers, Philine S. M. van Overbeeke, Joost Gravendeel, Johan W. H. Kruimer, Rutger W. van der Meer and Mark C. Burgmans

Original Article

Sustainability in interventional radiology: are we doing enough to save the environment?
Pey Ling Shum, Hong Kuan Kok, Julian Maingard, Kevin Zhou, Vivienne Van Damme, Christen D. Barras, Lee-Anne Slater, Winston Chong, Ronil V. Chandra, Ashu Jhamb, Mark Brooks and Hamed Asadi