Interventional radiology nursery: why they should be part of the team
February 23, 2024
Nowadays we cannot contemplate an interventional radiology team without specialised and recognised nurses. Recognition should not only come from the care units: interventionalists must demand that they occupy the space they deserve and collaborate to ensure that hospital managements consider this specialisation as necessary. Putting the patient at the centre and offering them the best possible alternatives also includes specific attention from nursing, the cornerstone of our work teams.

December 22, 2023
Interventional radiology nurses play a fundamental role, both in the development of procedures and in patient care. The specialisation of the work teams implies technical training and preparation to offer the patient the best possible conditions. This is not feasible if the nursing teams are not fixed, with their own functions and recognised within the units and the hospital.

The first EBIR holder in China
October 27, 2023
Despite EBIR's current limited recognition in China, I anticipate its future popularity. As a certification allowing interventional radiologists to validate their professional expertise and demonstrate sustained commitment to this rapidly evolving discipline, EBIR is poised to gain prominence in the country.

Current IR Practice in Brazil
IR around the globe · August 25, 2023
Thanks to SOBRICE's hard work, and its members, brazilian interventional radiology has advanced quickly as a multidisciplinary specialty, equivalent to major world references, but still restricted to capital capitals and large cities.

Current IR Practice in Argentina
IR around the globe · July 21, 2023
The situation of interventional radiology in our country is still underdeveloped. But little by little our specialty is growing and occupying places. We are in the development and growth of the Argentine College of Interventional Radiology (CARVI).

Current situation and issues of IR in Ukraine
IR around the globe · June 23, 2023
There are lots of issues and problems of interventional radiology in Ukraine. When the war started, we faced new challenges. But despite all difficulties interventional radiology still develops and improves.

Interventional Radiology in Mexico
IR around the globe · May 19, 2023
In Mexico, highly specialised medicine is considered the new standard and interventional radiology has become essential in the country's best hospitals, but the challenges are enormous and the road ahead is steep.

Interventional radiology in Vietnam: present and future
IR around the globe · April 21, 2023
Interventional radiology is a relative latecomer to the medical field in Vietnam. Despite being a latecomer, the development of Vietnam interventional radiology (VIR) has been supported by the global trend of booming IR. The rise of VIR has many fascinating and unique aspects, as well as similarities with the development of IR worldwide.

Interventional radiology in Serbia
IR around the globe · March 17, 2023
Interventional Radiology (IR) has emerged as a significant and growing discipline within the field of medicine, shifting from a future prospect to a current reality. In Serbia, IR is developing rapidly, with a focus on advancing the field to the international level.

Interventional radiology services in Sudan
IR around the globe · February 24, 2023
Some topics covered by this post are: the rapid advancement of IR, raising awareness of the importance of minimally invasive procedures among the medical students, residents and specialists. Advanced training in vascular IR should be available in Sudan Medical Specialization Board...and more. Check it out today!

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