IR Training in Africa - The Tanzanian Experience
August 24, 2022
There is currently a severe shortage of IRs in sub-Saharan Africa, leaving one billion people without access to many essential and life-saving procedures. A new training model is addressing this urgent need by training IR physicians, nurses, and technologists in Tanzania with monthly visiting teams. Find out how to get involved and help make IR available to more patients around the world.

CIRSE SOP documents – what are they and why should we read them?
July 25, 2022
As IR continues to expand in its scope and complexity of procedures, it is important to improve and maintain high quality patient care. CIRSE Standards of Practice documents can assist its members by providing contemporaneous and evidence-based reference on topics relevant to a wide-range of IR practice. Find out more about SOP documents from Dr Chun.

IR Training in Egypt, Where Do We Stand?
June 24, 2022
There is marked heterogeneity in IR training and practice in the Middle East/North Africa region, and Egypt is not an exception. Despite the well-established IR practice in Egypt; training pathways are still inconsistent and remarkably variable among different institutions.

Prostate artery embolization: where we started and where we are heading
May 25, 2022
While the field of prostate artery embolization was focused on tuning of the techniques and patient characteristics for an improved outcome in patients with BPH, introduction of prostate artery radioembolization for prostate cancer suddenly opened a new door to the world of PAE with a lot of question to answers. In this blog, Dr. Nezami will briefly review evolution of prostate artery embolization.

Cognitive dissonance in peer review
March 23, 2022
Professor Jim Reekers has started to notice that more reviewers are sending conflicting decision recommendations to the editor. In this blog post he considers why this might be.