Interventional radiology nursery: why they should be part of the team

Nowadays we cannot contemplate an interventional radiology team without specialised and recognised nurses. Recognition should not only come from the care units: interventionalists must demand that they occupy the space they deserve and collaborate to ensure that hospital managements consider this specialisation as necessary. Putting the patient at the centre and offering them the best possible alternatives also includes specific attention from nursing, the cornerstone of our work teams.

By Sara Lojo Lendoiro
Radióloga intervencionista
Hospital Álvaro Cunqueiro, Vigo, Galicia, Spain


The central role of vascular radiology pushes us to understand medicine and patient care in a multidisciplinary way, often working hand in hand with other specialties. This multidisciplinary nature of IR is no exception when it comes to nursing. We spend much of our time in the fluoroscopy suite, working with a lead and often under great pressure, side by side with the nursing staff, who become an extension of our hands.


Just as the IRs themselves have had to specialise and grow beyond diagnostic radiology, the ward nurses have evolved from being rotating staff in hospitals to being highly qualified and specialised staff with their own portfolio of services. They perform interventional procedures autonomously and monitor these patients, which helps to free up medical schedules and optimise time on the ward, developing a high quality independent activity. They have great versatility in their functions, with knowledge of radiological protection, table management, pharmacological assistance and knowledge of the complex materials we work with.


Although not officially recognised, specialist IR nursing should be recognised by hospital management hierarchies.  The maintenance of stable teams should be encouraged, avoiding the recycling of professionals and rotations, which generates serious organisational problems, as these professionals require a long training period.

The existence of a specialised and recognised nurse should be a priority in our units. Having a specialised nurse improves our procedures and our results: it makes us better and consequently; our patients are better cared for.


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    Daniela (Friday, 23 February 2024 16:58)

    Sarebbe fantastico e dovrebbe essere così,ma purtroppo da noi è solo utopia

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    Sara Lojo (Friday, 23 February 2024 17:06)

    Allora dovremo lavorare sodo, e come squadra, per cambiare la realtà ��