Drink a virtual cup of coffee with the editor-in-chief of CVIR Endovascular!

On the occasion of the CIRSE 2021 Summit, Prof. Jim Reekers offered the chance to take a break and discuss topics in IR over a (virtual) cup of coffee.


What resulted was an interactive and exciting chat covering a range of topics, from the importance of open-access journals, the technician-clinician dilemma, and creating a network of researchers who can work together internationally, for example to collaborate on research studies and support young researchers in the field.


As one of the participants mentioned, this is why CIRSE is so important: because the society helps build and support these networks of researchers. The CVIR Endovascular journal is here to offer a place for open discussion and to publish the work of such research groups, and make it available for all to read, open access.


Join us next time for a lively discussion and see where the future of IR is heading!

Part of the group who joined us for the virtual coffee break
Part of the group who joined us for the virtual coffee break

Prof. Jim A. Reekers, CVIR Endovascular Editor-in-Chief, is a former CIRSE president and a Professor Emeritus of Radiology and Interventional Radiology at the University of Amsterdam.


A pioneer of subintimal angioplasty, Prof. Reekers has also developed numerous techniques, catheters and filters. But perhaps his most important contribution to IR has been his untiring efforts to establish IR as an evidence-based and clinical trial-driven discipline. Prof. Reekers has authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and 22 book chapters. His research interest is critical limb ischemia, especially in diabetic disease and includes both imaging and treatment.



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