CVIR Endovascular at ET 2022

On the occasion of the ET 2022 Conference, CVIR Endovascular is present by offering authors and reviewers opportunities to learn more about the journal, a one-on-one conversation with Prof. Jim Reekers and other CVIR Endovascular Editorial Board members, and winning a great prize.


Case of the day

Thank you for participaing in the "Case of the day"! The winner will be contacted via email next week.




Come to the booth to browse articles from the journal at our terminal, or chat with editorial board members after their sessions for an informal Q&A, and meet Editor-in-Chief Jim Reekers on Friday, June 24!

Booth Q&A Sessions

Wednesday, June 22 12:15-12:45


Prof. Lars Lönn and Dr. Maria Tsitskari will join us after the session on Plugs and Coils ends at 12:15 for a short Q&A on their presentations - don't miss the chance to meet our Editorial Board members at the booth!

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Wednesday, June 22  15:30-16:00


Prof. Andreas Mahnken will be available from 15:30-16:00 after he has given his presentations in the Haemoptysis and Pre-Operative Embolisation sessions, so come to the booth with any questions you have!

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Thursday, June 23



Come to the booth to  ask Dr. Ratnam any questions about treatment principles for low-flow and catch Dr. Anne Marie Cahill just before she presents in the Pediatric session.

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Friday, June 24



Editor-in-Chief Jim Reekers will be joined by Deputy Editor-in-Chief Robert Morgan and esteemed editors Fabrizio Fanelli, Michiel de Haan, and Mo Hamady for a Q&A after the Endoleaks and Vascular and Lymphatic Malformations sessions end at 11:00.

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