CVIR Endovascular at ET 2023

On the occasion of the ET 2023 Conference, CVIR Endovascular is present by offering authors and reviewers opportunities to learn more about the journal, as well as the chance to win a free registration to CIRSE 2023.


Case of the day

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Case of the Day contest for 2023: Rengarajan Rajagopal! The competition was tight, but Dr. Rajagopal was the fastest to send in all three correct answers.


Thanks again to all who took part in Case of the Day this year, we hope to see you at the next congress!

     Dr. Rajagopal

ET 2023 may be over, but if you still want to challenge yourself, you can check the cases below. All images are related to an article in CVIR Endovascular - you can read all of our articles for free here.

Case 1

Case 2

Case 3


Come visit us at the booth and ask any questions you may have and stop by to check out the case of the day questions! You can find us at booth 6, in between auditorium 1 and auditorium 2:

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