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New Technologies

Cardiac solution for a vascular scenario!

Jamal Moosavi, Somaye Ahmadi*, Ata Firouzi, Parham Safeghipour, Bahram Mohebbi, Omid Shafe, Azin Alizadeasl, Sanaz Asadian, & Mehran Hoseini


Review Article

Imaging to Intervention: a Review of What the Interventionalist Needs to Know about Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Stephanie Sobrepera, Eric Monroe, Joseph Gemmete, Danial Hallam, Jason Pinchot, and Claire Kaufman*


Case Report

Congenital portosystemic shunt occlusion with an Amplatzer PFO occlusion device: a case report

Michelle M. Shnayder*, Mario Dervishi, Alexandria Jo, & Benjamin Pomerantz


Review Article

Postpartum hemorrhage - what the interventional radiologist should know

Blaine Menon, Claire Kaufman*, Anne Kennedy, Christopher Ingraham, & Eric Monroe


Review Article

Use and effectiveness of pioneer re-entry device for subintimal true lumen re-entry: single-centre data and a review of the literature
Yvonne Tsitsiou, Jadesola Ekpe*, Laura Harris, Elika Kashef, & Mohamad Hamady


Original Article

Safety and efficacy of emergency transarterial embolization for mesenteric bleeding

Chloé Extrat, Sylvain Grange, Clément Chevalier, Nicolas Williet, Jean-Marc Phelip, Fabrice-Guy Barral, Bertrand Le Roy, & Rémi Grange*


Case Report

Emborrhoid technique performed on a patient with portal hypertension and chronic hemorrhoidal bleeding as a salvage therapy

Filipa Alves e Sousa*, Pedro Marinho Lopes, Inês Bolais Mónica, Ana Catarina Carvalho & Pedro Sousa


 *indicates the corresponding author